Torez Photography

Travel Photographer Torez shows his work


If you like to book me for a shooting please send a mail to mail at

I am shooting for nearly 15 years. I am still not ready to create my wedding site but did do over 10 weddings, many model shots and people shots. If you want to go to a location other than Hamburg to do a shooting, please give me at least 6 weeks time in advance.

My rates are reasonable and I always strive to deliver great pictures.

Ich spreche auch Deutsch als Hamburger, aber ich reise viel und möchte das jeder den Content meiner Webseite versteht und daher halte ich mich an Englisch. Gerne können Sie natürlich mich auch auf Deutsch kontaktieren.



Welcome to Torez Photography

I am a Nikon Photographer since 2003. I started photography in 2003 in the USA. I lived in Charlotte, NC for nearly 3 years and then went back to Hamburg. In the USA my photography was mainly about wildlife and landscapes. After a couple of month I started shooting horse riding championships and created my first website and earned money with the shots.

In Hamburg, Germany I shifted towards people and architecture photography. I still do travel a lot around the world and love shooting new landscapes. 

My current equipment consists of D800e, D700, and many lenses. Last year I bought the Really RIght Tripod and Heand and just love the sturdiness and ease of use. 

If you want to buy pictures and book me for a shooting please contact me.